Digital Business Card for You or your Business (Lifetime Validity)


Say goodbye to the old-style physical business card and say howdy to the new-age digital business card.


  • Can be made for you or your company
  • Add QR codes that can be scanned to pay you.
  • Add other payment details like bank, UPI etc.
  • Add videos, photos, maps and more
  • Comes with an in-built contact form
  • Easily update information in the card anytime
  • Unlike the physical card, it can never be lost or damaged!
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The advancement in technology and digitalization has made it imperative for one to keep pace with the changing world. One aspect that hasn’t seen change is your good ol’ business card – that is until now!

Presenting to you our Digital Business Card with which you can share your details easily and digitally.

Digital business cards can help you to make a perfect impression and share information with other easily and digitally. The smart features of the business card like save to phone, WhatsApp, location, website, etc makes it easy and convenient to share your information. This digital business card enables you to leverage the technology to the fullest and give more details to the receiver. It is convenient and one of the best eco-friendly options!

Want to customize your digital card further? Please write to us at or call/whatsapp us on +91-81976-28777.


Please read the terms and conditions of our service before placing your order with us to avoid any unnecessary complications later. We will list some of the important ones concerning this service below.

  1. The digital business card will be built with a fixed template only. Any feature/design not included in our set of templates will have to be purchased additionally.
  2. You are solely responsible and liable for the content such as text, photos provided by you to be published in the digital business card.
  3. We will not publish any content which is infringing on any third-party intellectual property rights, violating the terms and conditions or applicable laws, unethical, illegal, obscene, pornographic, immoral, hateful, defamatory, discriminatory, threatening, disparaging, harassing, offensive, abusive, or misleading.