Consultation for New Entrepreneurs

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Free consultation – 100% refund as store credits which you can use to buy any of our products and services

While starting a Business you are faced with a plethora of choices. This 20 minute consultation with the experts will give you answers to these questions such as,

  • Do I need a website? Or an app? Or both? How much do they cost?
  • Which domain should I buy? What web hosting do I need? Which email service should I buy?
  • How do I market my product digitally? Google or Facebook Ads? Should I do SEO?
  • Should I build a full fledged product or start with an MVP?
  • How much is the right amount to pay for a design or print?
  • Copyright, Trademark – Should it be done? How much does it cost?
  • How should I sell my product online? What Payment gateway, E-commerce platforms should I use?
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This Consultation plan is tailor made for people starting out in Business. New entrepreneurs are faced with a plethora of choices when it comes to running a business. Usually, they make these choices on their own or with the assistance of friends or family who may not be adept themselves. This usually leads poor choices resulting is loss of time, money and resources.

This is where this services steps in. Consulting with an expert can help you to understand the nuances of the digital world with the help of a well-planned strategy.

How does it work?

  • After you buy the product our co-coordinator will reach out to you within 24 hours to decide on a time-slot for the consultation.
  • At the predetermined time, our expert will call you.
  • We recommended that you make a list of the queries and doubts before the session.
  • If you are new to all this and don’t know where to begin or what to ask then we can give you an overview of the whole process.
  • If you want to register for consultation via email, kindly do so to and we’ll guide you.
  • 100% refund guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with the consultation.

Terms and Conditions

  1. The refund of the consultation amount as store credits is valid only once per account.
  2. Only basic consultation provided which is suited for new Entrepreneurs.
  3. During the consultation, we may recommend third-party services to cater to your specific needs. In such cases, we are not responsible for any faults or damages caused due to usage of such services. It is advised to do due diligence at your end before signing up with any third party.
  4. We do not provide full-time consultation service.
  5. All advice given is with good intention and in your best interests. However, considering the uncertainty of the market and unpredictability of any business we are not responsible for any damages caused.

1 review for Consultation for New Entrepreneurs

  1. Diana Pinto (verified owner)

    Happy with the consultation with these guys. I run an event management company and am not at all familiar with the tech scene. As such I was confused with the choices to make when it came to website, digital marketing etc. Now I have a fair idea of what of the things so feel better prepared.

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