Beautiful Five Page Business Website Template – DWDS4

Website template that has been designed to empower your business and give your brand a much desired online boost.

This template can easily been customized to suit your purpose and stand out to represent your brand and product.


  1. Five Pages – Home, About, Gallery, Services and Contact.
  2. Full with slider with overlaying text.
  3. Apart from the usual text display elements it has the following – Testimonial carousel, Team display, Click to call/email, CTA and Google Map.
  4. This template is perfect for product based websites.
  5. AJAX based contact form that can deliver inquiries to your email box.

Technical Details:

We’re big time web nerds here at Outweave so please let us ramble on for a few lines regarding the technical aspects of our web templates.

  1. Built using the latest version of Bootstrap which is the most popular and recommended framework for building responsive, mobile-first websites.
    We’ve intentionally left out the version number. This way we’re always latest. LOL.
  2. No jQuery! Keeping inline with latest release of Bootstrap, we’ve not used jQuery. This removes unnecessary bloat and improves load and build times.
    Good bye, trusty ol’ friend, it’s time we part ways.
    That is, until the next time I give up and load you (the whole 84,522 bytes of you) to catch a sneaky lil element that always finds a way slip away.
  3. We used only two JavaScript libraries – SwiperJS for the sliders and GLightbox for the gallery.
    Cause we’re web designers and don’t know how to build one. P.S. Someone please explain to our boss that a web designer isn’t supposed to know React, Vue, Node, UX, UI, Ruby, PHP or work with a database.
  4. Only one Google web font (Poppins FTW!) has been used keeping in mind the time these fonts take to load.
    However, if you like this to be changed to load one font per heading (yes, even the h6) we can surely do so but will charge you extra if it results in monitors being punched in our office.
  5. All images are in the webp format resulting in leaner size.
    These will not work properly with older versions of Safari, but we’ve decided that can’t sacrifice its goodness to cater to a small user set. Our apologies to the Safari users, but its time you say good bye to Internet Explorer’s reincarnation. We recommend Firefox.
  6. AJAX based contact form.
    Because we are needy and clingy and don’t want to loose you, even if it is for 1.32 seconds.

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And for those still wondering, the Bootstrap version number is 5.0.1. We promise to keep updating them as long as you keep buying. So please, pretty please?

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