Customer Satisfaction Survey

  1. On a scale of 1-5, how would you rate the support you received? (1 = very dissatisfied and 5= very satisfied)
  2. Would you recommend our products or services to your friends/colleagues?
    • Not at all
    • Likely
    • Very Likely
  3. Did our product or service meet your need or solve your problem?
    • Yes
    • No
    • Neutral
  4. How likely are you to use or purchase our product again?
    • Definitely
    • Probably
    • Might or might not
    • Probably not
    • Never
  5. Were you satisfied with our product?
    • Yes
    • No
    • Neutral
  6. How would you rate the value for the money of our product/service?
    • Bad
    • Average
    • Good
    • Very good
  7. Did you receive the anticipated support from our customer care executive?
    • No
    • Yes
    • After a lot of effort
  8. How responsive have we been to your questions or concerns about our products?
    • Not Responsive
    • Usually Responsive
    • Very Responsive
  9. To what extent do you agree with the following statement: The Company made it easy for me to handle my issue.
    • Strongly Agree
    • Fairly Agree
    • Neutral
    • Disagree
    • Strongly Disagree
  10. Kindly share your feedback, reviews, and suggestions

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