Employee Satisfaction Survey with 25 Questions


Please note that all your replies are strictly confidential and will be seen by the company management only.

Please answer the questions using the following scale,

  1. Strong Agree
  2. Agree
  3. Disagree
  4. Strongly Disagree
  5. Neutral – Neither agree nor Disagree


1. I feel happy and satisfied to be working in this Company.

2. My contributions are always valued and appreciated by my superiors.

3. Employee performance evaluation is fair and open.

4. The work environment enables a balance between my personal and professional life.

5. My personal life has been affected due to work pressures.

6. I feel like I am growing professionally in the company.

7. The job helps you learn new skills and technologies.

8. My skills and abilities are utilized appropriately by the company.

9. I see myself working in this company for the next 5 years.

10. The job causes stress in my personal life.

11. My immediate Supervisor or Manager is genuinely interested in my growth and development within the company.

12. I am provided with all the tools that are required to do your job.

13. There is constant innovation or improvements in our processes within Company.

14. I am happy with the company culture and values.

15. I have seen positive improvements as result of such surveys.

16. I find my workload reasonable.

17. I feel a sense of accomplishment from the job I do.

18. I am happy with the compensation I receive for my work.

19. I am given autonomy in my job.

20. I have faced discrimination by my colleagues or superiors.

21. I enjoy working with my colleagues.

22. There is a strong feeling of teamwork in this organization.

23. I feel proud to be associated with this company.

24. The Company is genuinely interested or concerned about my well-being.

25. Will you recommend our company to your friends and family?

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